To include an image in your newsletter:

  1. Select an online image hosting service. We recommend Dropbox.
  2. Resize your image file so it is less than 100k bytes in size.
  3. Upload the smaller image file to the hosting service.
  4. Find the "public link" to that image supplied by the hosting service.
  5. Copy that URL to insert the image link into your message.


1. Actually embedding images into newsletter messages isn't a good idea. Instead, store the images on a hosting server, then include a LINK to that image in your message. The reader will still see the image in the message, but it will be supplied by the hosting server when the message is viewed, not delivered as part of the actual email body.

There are many good image hosting services (Imgur is a good one) but the easiest method we've found is to use Dropbox. Images placed into your Dropbox "Public" folder are automatically given an online URL. Copy that URL and paste it to your newsletter's image entry form.

2. You should NOT include a full-size multi-megabyte image file in a newsletter. There is simply no need for an image with size over 100kbytes. Resize and crop your desired image to minimally-acceptable size, then store it on the hosting service.

3. This is easiest with Dropbox. Simply put the image in your local Dropbox Public folder. Dropbox takes care of uploading it and assigning a public URL.

4. In your Dropbox Public folder, right-click on the image and select "Copy Public Link". That copies the URL to your clipboard.

5. In the CCtoMany HTML editor, click the Image icon, then paste in the URL. Your image will appear in your message body.