Mailings to newsletter lists should always include a simple, foolproof way for subscribers to unsubscribe. This is a requirement of several anti-spam initiatives, as well as the Federal CAN-SPAM act. Furthermore it's just good practice. Here's how to do it with your CCtoMany newsletter list.

We recommend that you include an unsubscribe link at BOTH the top and bottom of each message you send. Inclusion at the top will encourage readers who want to stop receiving your mail to simply unsubscribe rather than reporting it as spam (which can affect your deliverability to others on your list).

For HTML messages, copy the next line & link and paste it into your message:

You are subscribed as _email_. To REMOVE or CHANGE that address, click here

For plain-text messages, use these instructions:

As the message is delivered, the variable _email_ will be converted to the recipient's email address and the link will point to a web page which includes an encoded version of that unique address.

Here is an example link as it will appear in a plain-text message:

Or in an HTML link:

Click here to unsubscribe or change your address