What is the 'from address' recipients see on messages from your list?

Since the beginning, CCtoMany has allowed listowners to use any email address as the From: header on messages we send. This is referred to as "forging" the From: header.

But now (2023) that needs to change. The freemium email providers (notably Gmail but also Yahoo, Hotmail, et al) are tightening the requirements for "valid" aka authenticated (SPF / DKIM / DMARC) email. This is referred to as "Header Alignment".

Going forward, we need to use an address in the form of <owner-youruniquelistid@cctomany.com> as the From: address on your mailings. Owner-youruniquelistid is a unique alias here which forwards to your email address.

We will also make your previous From: address a Reply-To: header instead, so replies will still come to you directly. The Reply-To: header isn't required to be aligned.

  Old From: Your Name <your.personal@email.addr>

  New From: Your Name <owner-youruniquelistid@cctomany.com>
  New Reply-To: Your Name <your.personal.email.addr>

Note that the "Real Name" portion of the From: header isn't changed, only the email address portion.

More information

NOTE: A potential issue exists if any of your recipients use filters for organizing your messages and they use the From: email address in their filter. There is no way for you to know that ahead of time, but if they contact you, just tell them they need to update their filter.

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