When you request a mailing list, we will ask you for an "Internal ID" (aka list name) for your list. This "Internal ID" is simply an identifier to distinguish your list from all the others we host. Here are some guidelines for selecting your internal ID:

  • It must be unique (not already in use). So a generic choice like 'news' or 'customers' probably isn't a good choice. But it doesn't hurt to check with us first; your choice might be available.
  • It should be all lowercase, containing only letters and numbers.
  • The internal ID may be similar to the actual name of your newsletter, such as 'trees' or 'INT' for a list named "Identifying Northwest Trees". But it may also be totally unrelated, such as 'db2tyl' or 'ln1285'.
  • The internal ID becomes part of several supporting email addresses and will be visible to subscribers there. For example, to join the NW Trees list, one writes to join-trees@cctomany.com and to leave that list, one writes to Leave-Trees@cctomany.com. 1
  • It is possible but not easy to change the internal ID; doing so means creating a new list and copying over existing subscribers. So if you think there is any possibility you may want to change the list name later, it's probably better to just pick a generic, random internal ID.

1 You may create forwarding addresses in your own domain, such as join-trees@mydomain.com but the internal ID will still be visible in those. Also, capitalization is ignored in email addresses.