"Can I send attachments to my mailing list?"

The answer is "yes" when you post via email, but as a general rule of thumb, we recommend that you DO NOT send attachments to your mailing list, because:

  1. Email users are (correctly) counseled to not open unexpected attachments because some attachments can carry viruses.
  2. Recipients won't be able to open the attachment unless they have the proper associated application.
  3. Spam filters look more carefully at messages with attachments.
  4. An attachment forces every subscriber to download it, even those who may not want it.
  5. Attachments make messages larger and thus they take longer to deliver.

Note however that sending PDF files should be considered a special case. PDFs can't carry malware and can be compact if prepared properly. Every recipient has software to open and read PDFs, so sending a small PDF attachment is usually safe.

A much more user-friendly solution is to post the file on a web site (here or here or here ) then just email a link to it. Those who want it can download it, while those who don't want it need not bother.

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