Some subscribers are receiving some but not all the messages on my discussion list.

This is almost certainly due to the subscriber's spam filter.

Messages sent via a discussion list arrive with the original author's address on the From: header.

Some ISPs run aggressive spam filters. So if the sender's address isn't recognized and/or the message looks like spam, they may route it to a spam folder, or worse, silently delete it. Unfortunately, there is nothing which we (DataBack) can do about that except provide advice.

  • On a discussion list, the From: header will always be the actual author, so it's not feasible to whitelist everyone on the list unless it is a small list.
  • If your ISP gives you access to the spam filter interface, and your list is configured to always include a particular code or identifier on the subject line, you may be able to add that as a whitelist rule.
  • If your ISP responds to such requests, you may ask them to whitelist the IP number of our server. For all discussion lists we host, messages will always originate from =
  • Consider using a different email account just for subscribing to the discussion list. We recommend Gmail - please also see WhyILikeGmail for more info.