"Posting" is the act of submitting a message to be sent out to your newsletter list.

When you prepare a single email to send to a friend, it's not uncommon to include special fonts or tables or pictures. And if the resulting message arrives with some formatting errors, no harm is done. But when you are preparing a newsletter-type message to send to hundreds or thousands of subscribers, errors are at best annoying and at worst unprofessional. We always recommend plenty of testing before sending out a mailing.

There are two methods for posting a message to your newsletter subscribers, depending on your needs:

OPTION 1 - Post by email

i.e. Prepare the message in your email program and then email it to control-yourlistid@cctomany.com with a posting password on the subject line.

  1. Can send either HTML or plain-text messages.
  2. Send "review copies" by emailing to friends or other accounts before emailing to the list.
  3. Mailings are distributed immediately upon arrival at our server.
  4. Formatting is done in your email program.
  5. You can send attachments. Usually that's not a good idea but sending an attached PDF newsletter can be an excellent solution in some situations.
  6. Anyone who knows the posting password can send out a message.
  7. The From: address seen by your recipients is set in your admin interface and that address is used regardless of what email account is used to submit the mailing.

OPTION 2 - Use your list's admin web interface

  1. Can send either HTML or plain-text messages.
  2. Can schedule mailings (one or more) for future delivery.
  3. Can send multiple review copies prior to the actual mailing.
  4. Edit and format using the online HTML editor.
  5. Save and use a template for creation of new messages.
  6. You cannot send attachments via this method. However sending attachments is ill-advised anyway.
  7. Anyone with access to the admin interface can post a message. They can also add/remove subscribers and perform other admin functions.