Our instructions for new list owners include email addresses like these, which point to our server: ( YID = your list's InternalID )


However, if you have your own domain (i.e. mydomain.com), you can create forwarding email aliases which simply forward mail to our addresses and publish your domain instead of ours. For example, set up forwarding like this:

              (first example applies only to discussion lists)
              YID@mydomain.com ==>             YID@mh.databack.com
         join-YID@mydomain.com ==>        join-YID@mh.databack.com
  joinconfirm-YID@mydomain.com ==> joinconfirm-YID@mh.databack.com
        leave-YID@mydomain.com ==>       leave-YID@mh.databack.com

Note that with this setup, if your domain email ever goes down, your list will not operate properly. Falling back to our domain will still work in that situation.

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