Custom Auto-Responder Service

Several years ago we developed the “Custom-Paragraph” autoresponder system. This auto-followup system is linked to a “survey” form on your web site. When visitors complete that form, the automatic reply can contain unique paragraphs which give specific answers to selections on the survey.

For example, the survey might ask “What is holding you back?”, with choices of “cost”, “skeptical”, “not yet ready”, etc. The Custom-Paragraph autoreply will then include one or more paragraphs to specifically address the selected answer. This provides an immediate and individualized reply to each prospect, leading to greater interest and higher response rates.

The setup fee (to link your form to the service) is typically $100 for normal forms. Then ongoing use is $20/month for one immediate and one delayed followup message. Many other customizations are available to meet special needs or schedules.