Web Site Hosting

You have many choices when it comes to web site hosting.

In our experience, the single most-important factor to most owners is support. Host your site with us, at a competitive price, and you will get prompt, personalized technical support and even advice on how best to design & host your site.

In addition, we offer optional "Zero Downtime" hosting: we place a copy of your site on a second server, in an entirely different city & data center. Then we activate "DNS FailOver" for your domain. Our DNS system monitors your primary site every 5 minutes. If it is detected as DOWN, your DNS record is immediately updated to point to the secondary server! As soon as the primary server is UP again, your original DNS setting is automatically restored. Your web site will never be DOWN again for more than 5 minutes at most! Cost is reasonable, but this option isn't available for some types of sites. Contact us for more information.

We would be happy to host your web site, but only if it
makes sense for both you and us. Let's talk;
there's a good chance we can meet your requirements
for a competitive price (simple sites start at $100/year).
If not, we can at least give you some good advice
(and maybe still host a mailing list for you).