Dedicated Email Server

Dedicated SMTP Servers

Anyone who attempts to use a shared web site host to send more than a dozen or so email accounts will soon discover there are serious limitations. Hosting companies have strict limits on the amount of email you can send, for good reason. And even if you're able to send, your messages are under the same "reputation umbrella" as all the clients sharing that server.

To solve the problem, we offer dedicated SMTP service (i.e., your own dedicated outgoing mail server). Most customers use their own mailer software (usually driven from an in-house database), then actual delivery is done by our dedicated server with a fixed IP address, delivery reputation, delivery capacity, bounce handling and custom programming.

In summary, we know a lot about how to send email successfully. We'd be glad to assist you by setting up a dedicated SMTP server for your business and advise you how to achieve high deliverability rates.